Machine Quilting and Quilt Finishing
Custom designs, pantographs, and all-over designs.

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Need a quilt finished?

The Quilting Den is your quilt finishing solution. Send us your unfinished quilt top and we'll machine quilt it beautifully and precisely. Your treasured quilt tops will be transformed into a family heirloom with a beautiful overall design and precise stitches.

We have over twenty years of experience and use today's most revolutionary computerized quilting system, the Innova AutoPilot. We have a wide selection of overall designs and are always adding more designs to our collection. Browse our pattern page for ideas, but if you don't see what you have in mind, just call. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Send in your unfinished quilt for us to take care of, so you can enjoy it right away.

Professional nationwide machine quilt finishing services, custom designs, pantographs, and all-over designs. With our computerized machine quilting system we can make your hard work shine!

We take your quilt tops and make them family treasures. We turn your quilts into family heirlooms with precise stitches, beautiful designs, and quick turnaround for a fair price.

The Quilting Den utilizes a state of the art computer system called the Autopilot Computerized quilter to perfectly and accurately finish your quilt. Our machine quilting techniques are the best in the industry because of the Autopilot's accurate work.

What is the AutoPilot Computerized Quilter?

The Innova AutoPilot combines a Longarm with a computer and software program that guides the quilting machine so that it can stitch almost any design. The computer and software can determine the pattern size, the size of the block, stitches per inch, the number of repetitions of the pattern and the offset of the pattern. In addition to being guided by the computer and software, the machine can be guided by hand in either the conventional or stitch regulated modes.

So, let us get your unfinished quilts out of the closet, and onto the bed where they belong, to be enjoyed and treasured for years to come.

To learn about the Innova Longarm Machines that we will use to do your quilts, visit our friends at Accomplish Quilting


The quilt arrived today. It is beautiful. My kids were thrilled and argued over who gets it.
Ellen Maryland

Thank you for the beautiful work on the quilt. I am busy working on another one. Look for me in the near future.
Judy Mississippi

I received the quilt Wednesday. Itis absolutely lovely. How many times can I say Thanks!!!!
Barbara California

The quilt arrived and it goes perfect on my table with the christmas dishes. I will be sending more quilts.
Susan Texas

I baby quilt is so pretty its hard to find the right words to say thank you. The backing was much more than I expected and I appreciated the binding done for me.
Betty California